SIT TESOL Certificate Course

The Greater Homewood Adult Learning Center is partnering with the World Learning School for International Training Graduate Institute to offer SIT TESOL (Teachers of English for Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate courses.

School for International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute TESOL Certificate

The SIT Graduate Institute TESOL Certificate is a 130-hour course which provides participants with professional knowledge and skills in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) as well as tools for their own reflection and growth as teachers. It is designed to be offered intensively in four weeks or extensively over a longer period.

The course provides practical training through teaching demonstrations, lesson planning and analysis, and practice teaching and feedback. Participants develop skills in teaching, speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and culture. The course begins with a brief look at second language acquisition through the experience of being a learner. Participants then examine specific teaching areas each day, which they apply in their daily of practice teaching adult ESOL learners. Participants gain skills in analysis through examining their lessons with SIT teacher trainers.

Who takes this course?

Participants that take this course are a diverse group. Many are college-age students who are interested in traveling and working overseas, while others are working professionals preparing to enter TESOL as an alternative career or in retirement. Non-native English speakers with strong English skills also take the course so they can teach English in their own countries or elsewhere. Many experienced teachers find the Certificate course a valuable introduction to the SIT model of reflective practice.

Who teaches the course?

SIT TESOL Certificate course trainers are highly qualified, experienced ESOL teachers who have worked with adult learners and have previous training experience. They are licensed by SIT through a rigorous, multi-step process and bring a strong passion and dedication to their work.

The trainers teach the course content, process discussions, and coach participants in developing lesson plans and teaching. They also observe participants’ teaching and provide feedback to participants after each teaching session.

Classroom practices

Participants put their new knowledge and skills into practice through practice teaching sessions. Trainers observe and facilitate feedback sessions after these lessons. Participants learn to reflect on and assess their own teaching as well as to examine the teaching of their peers.

The SIT TESOL Certificate is recognized worldwide. Graduates find challenging teaching positions in the U.S. and abroad, or return to their current jobs with new skills and greater knowledge, awareness, and satisfaction. To facilitate networking, SIT maintains a listserv that connects graduates of all SIT courses.

Why should I take the SIT TESOL Certificate course?

SIT TESOL Certificate is recognized worldwide. The SIT course provides practical ESOL teacher-training in which participants develop skills in planning and teaching lessons focusing on speaking, listening, reading, writing, language, and culture. The sessions are highly interactive and experiential. During the course individual participants perform 6 assessed hours of practice teaching to real ESOL students. Trainers observe participant teaching, guide participant reflection on the lesson, and give practical advice after each session.

The Greater Homewood Adult Learning Center will offer the SIT TESOL Certificate Course in an extensive 14-week format throughout the year. Each format provides you with at least 130 hours of instruction and at least six hours of supervised practice teaching time.

Entrance requirements

You must have a high school degree and show a capacity for college-level education including a good understanding of the English language and solid writing skills. You must remain calm under pressure, be willing to accept the authority of your trainers, commit to conveying a difference of opinion in a respectful manner, and be willing to work as a positive team player. All applicants must submit an application along with a one-page essay, as well as have an oral interview (which can be done by phone) with the program manager. Non-native speakers typically have a minimum TOEFL score of 600 on the written test or 250 on the computerized version, an IELTS Band 7.0 or higher, or a CEF C1. Non-native speakers must also have a second interview to ensure their listening/speaking skills are adequate to take the course and to teach English. All participants must show a willingness to plan and teach in groups and to work reflectively.

Current Schedule

SIT TESOL Certificate Course Weekend Extensive, part-time, courses meet Friday evenings and all day Saturdays. This is an ideal option for those who work full-time during the week.

6:00pm – 9:00pm, Friday.

9:00am – 6:00pm, Saturday.

Upcoming 14-Week Extensive Course Dates:

January 25- April 26, 2014

Tuition and fees

TESOL Course Tuition: $1750 for the first 6 registrants!
$2,000 for all others (Participants make a non-refundable $350 deposit upon acceptance to reserve a spot)

Registration fees: $50. Payments can be made online via PayPal using our Donate button, or by cash or check payable to Greater Homewood Community Corporation.

How to applyAll applicants must complete a formal application and essay (download here), and a pre-interview questionnaire (download here).  After a review of the application, qualified candidates will be contacted for a phone interview. All application materials must be emailed to Teddy Edouard.

Refund policy: If a participant withdraws in the first two days of the program, s/he can receive half of the tuition payment back, minus the $400 registration fee.  Non-native speakers who decide to withdraw from the course in the first two days due to language difficulties will also receive half their tuition back minus the non-refundable application fee.  There will be no tuition refunded after the first two full days of the course.

Frequently asked questions:  Acceptance into the course is not a guarantee that a participant will receive the certificate. If a participant has not successfully completed or mastered any segment of the course, or has not completed the written work satisfactorily, the participant will not be awarded the certificate, but, if he or she attends the full course, rather will be awarded a Letter of Learning instead.  If trainers decide that a non-native English speaker’s English skills are inadequate to teach advanced level students, the participant will not be awarded the course certificate, but rather will be awarded a Letter of Learning instead.

See informational flyer and brochure for more information.