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Adult Education Organizations
Research & Statistics
Tutor/Teacher Training
Content Standards & Testing

Websites for Instructors
General Reading & Writing
Learning Disabilities Professional Development
Websites for Learners
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Adult Education Organizations

Research & Statistics

Tutor/ Teacher Trainings

Content Standards and Testing

Websites for Instructors


Reading/ Writing



  • Constitutional Rights Foundation
  • EL/Civics OnlineThis series of online courses will assist teachers in creating interesting, effective ESL lessons in U.S. history, U.S. government, civic engagement, and the naturalization process
  • ESL Civics CurriculumCurriculum materials for 16 ESL-Civics units are posted and available for download. The topics for these units came out of discussions with students, focus groups, and needs assessments. They were specifically targeted for senior immigrants and refugees who had little English and often limited educations in their home countries. However, the materials can be utilized for a wide range of ESL learners
  • ESL Life Skills Lessons – Lifeskill lessons teach key vocabulary words, phrases, and questions so students can successfully complete day-to-day tasks. These lessons are designed for beginning to intermediate ELL, ESL, and EFL students. They can be assigned as computer lab tasks or taught verbally to the whole class by using interactive white boards
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ Citizenship Resource Center

Learning Disabilities

ALC Professional Development Presentations & Handouts

Websites for Learners


  • Funbrain
  • PBS Teachers
  • – free online courses from the world’s leading universities.  Yale, MIT, Stanford, Harvard and many others are sharing lectures and videos with lifelong learners.


  • CNN Literacynet - As provided by CNN SF and CBS 5. Intended for adults with moderate reading and speaking comprehension skills including advanced ESL or non-native English speakers
  • English Express word games and articles for low literacy readers with opportunity to listen along
  • Funfonixworksheets, workbooks, online phonics games
  • Literacy Works Learning Resourcesoffers web-delivered instruction using current and past CNN San Francisco bureau and CBS 5 – KPIX (CBS Broadcasting) news stories
  • SoftSchoolsfree online phonics games
  • Starfall - free website to teach learners to read with phonics, featuring exciting phonics games and online interactive books
  • The Times in Plain Englishsimplified version of the New York Times


  • A Plus Mathgame room, puzzles, flashcard creator, worksheets, and homework helper
  • AAA MathAAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons arranged according to grade level (K-8) and topic
  • Algebrahelpcollection of lessons, calculators, and worksheets created to assist students and teachers of algebra
  • Create a Graphtool that allows learners to create their own charts and graphs
  • Lizard Pointmath worksheet generator
  • Math.commath worksheet generator and games
  • online games to practice multiplication table facts
  • National Library of Virtual Manipulativesvirtual manipulatives for numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and probability
  • Skillswise: Mathnumbers, calculation, percent and fractions, measuring , shapes, and graphs
  • Visual Fractions online tutorial that models fractions using number lines and circles.  Includes games and worksheets


  • Activities for ESL Students quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help students learn English
  • Autoenglish.orgfree courses, grammar exercises, and other resources for teachers and students
  • English Daily
  • English Learnerbeginning, intermediate, and advanced English language exercises online
  • English Lesson Listening Library Online (ELLO)
  • Repeat After Usfree text and audio clips to help ESL learners practice their pronunciation
  • Sounds of English includes English pronunciation pages with pictures, sounds, and videos to help learners with English pronunciation; activities and exercises for English pronunciation and listening; and tips for teachers
  • Timed ReadingAfter reading a short passage and clicking the “finished” button, learner’ reading rate for that passage will be displayed.  Next, they will answer a few comprehension questions about what they read
  • The Times in Plain Englishsimplified version of the New York Times
  • Train Your AccentLearners improve their accent and rhythm in English and learn daily expressions at the same time
  • USA Learnsfree web-based multimedia system for adults learning English as a second language

Life Skills

Family Literacy


External Diploma Program

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