A Message from One of Our Learners

Earlier today, GHCC’s Adult Literacy and ESOL staff received an email from one of our adult learners, Shaneeka, who is enrolled in an Adult Basic Education (ABE) math class. She wrote:

I just want to send an email to you to let you know how much my teacher, Ms. Shaunta’ Cheaton, is helping me as well as the class. She is really a good teacher. I am always excited to go to math class.

A few years back when I went to a pre-GED class at another center, the math teacher made me feel so small and worthless because I didn’t know my basic math and that caused me to stop going. But with Ms. Cheaton it’s different. If only my high school teachers were like her I would have never dropped out of high school. The way she breaks the problems down so well is understandable and seems so easy. And when I catch on so fast it makes me leave the class feeling good that I’ve learned something that I thought was so difficult and that is MATH!!

Even though I have a few more weeks to go in her class and will be going to Math 2 soon, I just want to say THANK YOU AND THE GREATER HOMEWOOD ADULT LITERACY PROGRAM! Ms. Shaunta’ Cheaton is the best!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Shaneeka and thank you, Ms. Cheaton. You’ve made our day here at GHCC!

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2 Responses to A Message from One of Our Learners

  1. Mary says:

    Many thanks to Ms.Cheaton and the GHCC staff- your important work and caring, thoughtful attitude makes all the different for the adult learners! Best wishes to Shaneeka in achieving her educational goals!

  2. Unknown says:

    That is wonderful!!! Good Luck to Shaneeka,the rest of the students and Myself!

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